Last week, I talked about being overwhelmed after coming off a down period. I have been working fervently to get ahead and make progress, but I always feel like I’m behind. The harder I work, the more behind I feel.

Do you ever feel like that? Overwhelmed to the point where you just want to bury your head in the sand (or Netflix) and hope it’ll all be solved when you get back?

One thing I’ve been thinking about is how being overwhelmed can turn into a form of self-sabotage. Working my butt off but still coming out one step behind makes me less motivated to do the work. And the less motivated I am, the less work gets done, which in turn makes me less motivated. You see this terrible cycle that is forming?

So how do you dig yourself out of a great big hole? One shovel-full at a time.

  1. State your priorities. So what if thank you cards and birthday cards don’t get out today. (I’m talking to myself here.) Focus on the dishes, laundry and other items that will explode if you neglect them.
  2. Look for ways to be more efficient. Where are areas you can cut down on the time spent?
  3. Minimize the clutter. The more things you have, the more you have to keep track of.
  4. Delegate what you can. Enlist a family member or friend to help.
  5. Take the first step! This is important. It can be easy to avoid the issue but the longer you let it fester, the more it tends to grow. Sometimes, all it takes for me is to say “I’ll work on that for 15 minutes.” I can push through exhaustion, frustration, whatever if it’s only for 15 minutes. More often than not, I get motivated to keep going.

I have hope that in my case, if I keep putting in the time, I’ll start to see results. I definitely need to cut back on certain items (such as the aforementioned cards and taking my son to the park every day) until I get my basics covered (ahem, the clutter that dots every surface of the kitchen).

Keep on truckin!