I’ve noticed that I have hills and valleys when it comes to my energy level.

Most days, I’m fairly even keel with a decent amount of energy and motivation. I follow my schedule, I make progress on both little and big projects, and I pretty good at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Every month or so, I’ll have a few days with an incredible energy surge where I’m completely outgoing and super excited about everything, followed by a few days which I call my down period.

I used to be in this habit of signing up for everything outgoing and extroverted during my up periods, then bailing out of those things during my down periods. In my down periods, I find it hard to do anything, even simple tasks like dishes and laundry. Since becoming aware of this cycle a few years ago, I’ve tried to notice when I enter the cycle.  When I’m in an up period, I try to be guarded about what I sign up for and try to at least keep up with basic tasks when I’m in my down period.

Right now, I’m coming off of a down period, one in which I’ve actively worked to keep up with the basics. I went out to socialize in a women’s group even though I didn’t feel like it. My son and I have gone the playground every day even though it’s stinkin’ hot outside. When I’d rather be laying on the couch I’ve forced myself to get up and run around the house playing chase and hide and go seek. My motivation to cook has waned, but I’ve battled that by making easy dishes like salad and pasta.

So, that brings us to this morning, when I started to realize how much of a mess the house is. The counter and kitchen table are full of clutter and the dishwasher is waiting for me to put away the clean dishes. There’s laundry to fold and carpets to be vacuumed. I did pretty dang well keeping up with what I could during my down period, but now I wished I would’ve spent more energy on washing dishes than on going to the playground every day.

So, now it is naptime and I’m faced with a choice. Do I spend the next hour or so whipping the house back into shape or do I go take a break and watch YouTube? I know what I want to do, but I also know what I have to do. I also know that cleaning never seems to take as long as I think it will.

Do you have periods of down days? What do you do to overcome them?

4 comments on “I’m overwhelmed.”

  1. I definitely have a similar cycle of up and down periods. They’re less prominent now than they were last year, but they’re definitely still there.

    I feel like “clean the dishes and do the laundry” would be one answer to the dilemma you left us with, but self-care is so important on those down days that I truly hope you’re not being too hard on yourself.

    Much love and take care!

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