Too Many Causes

There are so many causes to fight for. I feel pulled towards causes about birth interventions, childhood cancer, child abuse, poverty, providing food to those in need, healthy food and obesity, money — how to help people be more fiscally responsible, how to help the government be more fiscally responsible, race equality, gender equality, toxic… Read More Too Many Causes

Personal Development

You can be content while striving to be better

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how being content and striving to be better are not opposites, and yet we often see them that way. You can love your body and have a positive self-image while working on losing weight for your health. You can be happy in your job while looking for… Read More You can be content while striving to be better


How to dig yourself out of a great big hole

Last week, I talked about being overwhelmed after coming off a down period. I have been working fervently to get ahead and make progress, but I always feel like I’m behind. The harder I work, the more behind I feel. Do you ever feel like that? Overwhelmed to the point where you just want to bury… Read More How to dig yourself out of a great big hole


How to save up to 90%

Yesterday, my friends were going nuts over Amazon’s “Prime Day,” a day full of great deals for Amazon Prime members. Since Facebook was blowing up with people sharing their great deals, I figured I’d share some of the great deals I’ve gotten recently: Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm Retail price: $35 | My price: $5… Read More How to save up to 90%