Transparency of pricing

I recently had a frustrating conversation with a company trying to hard sell me their services — which I want — without giving clarity as to their pricing. This company’s pricing is not on their website, and when I asked about that, my service rep said that it’s because that’s proprietary information.

Imagine sitting down at a restaurant and opening the menu only to find that it’s blank. Your waiter walks up to your table and tries to sell you a burger without telling you how much it costs. After a little bit of prodding, he tells you how much the burger costs but not how much a chicken salad costs. And forget trying to ask for details about the ingredients.

Can you imagine how ridiculous that would be?

Since when is this okay? This reminds me of my days as a wedding photographer. Many established photographers suggest you never put your pricing on your website, lest people write you off just based on price. But let’s be honest, price is important. Most of us have a budget, even if that budget is thousands of dollars.

When you’re designing your pricing, make it transparent and logical. I’ve seen companies that boast deals such as “Buy one for $20, Buy two for $45.” In these situations, it seems like the owner doesn’t have a clear plan and instead just slapped some prices together.

Would you buy from a company that refuses to show you all their pricing up front?