Wear the size that fits.

Wear the size that fits you. No one will see the number, only how the clothes fit. If size 14 fits, don’t wear a size 12.

So maybe you keep smaller sizes around to motivate you to lose weight. For me, that would be a demotivator. But you do you. If keeping smaller sizes motivates you, keep a few choice items around as a reward and reminder of your goal.

But don’t fill up your closet with clothes that don’t fit. Too many of those items and it becomes tiny little reminders of how you can’t wear them yet.

My husband went shopping a few weeks ago for new clothes for work. He came home feeling bummed because he’s a larger size at the moment. Since he’s planning to get back in shape and lose the weight, he didn’t want to buy new clothes just yet.

I convinced him to do so. Here’s why:

  1. My husband is hot no matter what size he is. I love that boy like you have no idea, and I don’t care what a tag on his clothes or the number on the scale is. He is funny, caring, smart and interesting. He is a great father and a wonderful husband. Yes, we should both lose a little weight for our health. But my love is not dependent on that.
  2. People are not looking in his clothes to see what size he’s wearing. Nobody knows if he’s a size bigger or a few sizes bigger.
  3. Wearing clothes that fit is actually slimming. That’s the cold hard truth. Wearing clothes that are too tight or bunch in weird places can actually make you look bigger than you are. Wearing a bigger size (but one that fits you properly) is more flattering and can make you look skinnier.

If you are working on losing weight, power to you! You are awesome and you can do it! But don’t sacrifice your current self for something or someone in the future. You deserve to look good and feel good about yourself now.

A lot of us mamas may be carrying around extra weight. We keep the pre-pregnancy clothes sitting for years in the back of the closet while we wait for this dang baby weight to fall off.

Love yourself now and wear the size that fits.

Do you keep clothes that don’t fit in hopes that one day they will? Do agree with the idea that you should only wear the size that fits, even if it means wearing a bigger number than you would like?