I recently wandered onto this video about how to schedule your days for maximum productivity.

Bullet points from the video:

  • Schedule in 90-day chunks.
  • Decide on a focus.
  • Once a quarter, sit down and pick 1-3 goals. (The number of goals depends on the size of each goal.)
  • Set benchmarks for each goal.
  • Write down every little task that needs to be done in order to accomplish that goal.
  • Schedule when you will do these little tasks.

Can I just add that “frazzlepants” is now my new favorite word? We call our son “crankypants” when he gets into one of his moods. Using silly words can really help to diffuse the tension.

I’ve started working on my plan for the next 90 days. My focus is to declutter the house, which has been a two year journey thus far. We are so close to having a house that is clean and organized at least 80% of the time, but we’re not yet to our goal. With a toddler who has recently decided that his job in life is to play with everything in reach, this goal has been pushed to the forefront.

So, my goals to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthy, create a monthly meal plan, etc etc, have been pushed to the back. In order to put all my focus on this one goal, I’m giving myself permission to cook a few simple meals on rotation and put the scale away for another day. I’ve realized that I’ve been working on the same handful of goals for the last few years with minimal success, and I would be better off purposely “quitting” all but one of those goals for a given time.

Ninety days breaks the goals into manageable chunks. It means that I could pick 4 goals over the next year and see a world of difference from where I am today.

What goals are you working towards? I know it can seem like a step back to only pick one and let the others slide, but the idea is to focus all of your energy towards one goal and pursue it with passion.

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